This episode introduces the podcast series and dives into the nationalism and wars that served as a backdrop for the coming-of-age of the millennial generation. American patriotism was interlaced with Christianity in my upbringing, and it served as one of the original points of questioning in my journey to come to grips with faith. 

**Content Warning: This episode contains a historical recording from war that contains offensive language.**

Many in the millennial generation, like myself, were taught to follow our dreams. Some Christian leaders went further -- they told us that if we pursued our God-given dreams, God would empower us to fulfill them. We were taught to look within ourselves for these dreams. But is this at all what the gospel teaches? And what were the results for millennials?

**Content Warning: For the sake of storytelling accuracy, there is foul language in a section of this episode.**

February 20, 2021

Episode 3: The Breakdown

Even as I participated and even led in ministry, I was wracked with questions. As I looked out at the world and looked within myself, my prayer became, “God, I do not know how you can be good. But you’re all I have. Please help me.” This episode examines my lowest point in my struggle with faith, mental health, and physical health. It was a journey that I believe many in my generation shared.

In the presence of fundamentalist certainty, questions were not always well-received. This episode dives into the theory of human intellectual weakness and the basis of human reason and logic. Ultimately, humans are much less intelligent than we might think, and this episode lays the groundwork for why that is -- from the ways our brains work to deceive us to the ways we fall prey to conspiracy. If we are to engage the most college-educated generation in history -- millennials -- we must face some hard facts about our own limitations.

The need for intellectual humility isn’t just a philosophical idea, it is a gospel mandate. In this episode, I examine how Paul made intellectual humility a central tenet of his gospel ministry. Paul strove to know nothing but Christ and him crucified. If the American Church is to better reach the lost of my generation, they must embrace this central principle.

February 26, 2021

Episode 6: Encountering God

Why do we believe? Is it because of human arguments? Is it because we were raised in a particular family or culture or era? This episode follows the story of a Saudi Arabian student I knew and examines the basis for faith and conversion. 

The year 2020 brought into glaring focus just how broken our society is, and just how desperate many in my generation are for change. Working as a nurse during 2020, it was the year that I once more lost faith in the decency or progression of human society. This episode covers the racial, physiological, and social pain that tore through the country and left its mark both within and outside the church.

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